Why should I jump with a parachute?

Will it be scary to jump with a parachute?

Which type of jump should I choose STATIC-LINE or TANDEM?

How could I learn to jump with a parachute by myself?

Do I become a member of Siauliai skydiving club??

Do I need to register in order to make a jump?

How much time it takes to jump with a parachute?

How long does the briefing takes before the jump?

Is there an age limits?

Is there a weight limits?

What documents are required?

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Is it possible jump while intoxicated?

Can I bring my camera?

Can you take a video and photo of my jump?

What kind of aircraft is in Siauliai skydiving club?

What kind of parachute systems are used for jumps?

What to do and what will happen if the parachute would not open?

What will happen and what to do if neither of parachutes opens?