Your static-line parachute is opened automatically as you exit the aircraft, but then it is up to you land it! No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 2 hours of parachute lessons to prepare you for your first solo static-line parachute jump! During the briefing you will be introduced to the aerodrome area, you will find out how to behave in particular situations, how to behave on the plane, how to jump out of an airplane, how to control the parachute and, most importantly, how to land on the ground safely.

After the briefing, you will board the plane with five of your fellow class mates under the supervision of instructor. With AN-2 plane you will reach 1000 – 1200 meters altitude and then, one by one, you will jump out of the aircraft. Your static-line parachute will open automatically as you leave the aircraft.

It’s then up to you to navigate your canopy back to the landing area with the help of another instructor on the ground talking to you, giving you some helpful pointers on your back up radio.

The canopy ride is about 10 minutes, so plenty of time for you to take in the birds eye views as well as enjoy flying your canopy.

Static-line jump is unique, because you must jump out of a plane by yourself. It is a special feeling! You have to experience it!

* There is a weight limit. You have to weigh less than 120 kilograms.

Additional information:

  • Briefing for static-line jumps always starts at 9:00 am on Saturday morning (if there are changes, it is informed by phone +370 681 11077). Briefing is for a group, so please don’t be late.
  • After the briefing, you’ll be divided into groups of 4-5 people. So the more people, the more groups, the longer you have to wait for jump. Therefore, once again please be patience while waiting for your jump!
  • Wear athletic and comfortable clothes, sneakers/sport shoes. No high heels.
  • Sometimes we wait for weather which is suitable for jumps, so you should take snacks, soft drinks.
  • We cannot account for weather or other delays so please do not be in a rush and allow yourself the whole day to enjoy this unique experience.
  • Zero Tolerance: Absolutely no alcohol and/or drugs in your system 24 hours before making a jump.
  • The drop zone will close early if weather is not suitable for jumps (our team will inform you about that as soon as possible). So, there will be no jumps on that day, but jumps reservations may be moved for the next day or the next weekend.